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Other Gynaecological Services We Provide

In terms of gynaecological services, we offer:

Female Health Screening Packages, inclusive of PAP smears, radiological gynaecological and breast investigations, urinalysis, and etcetera; for comprehensive health review for women of all ages.

Menopause review and bio-identical hormonal therapy, bone conservation therapy; treatment of Genito-urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) with topical hormonal therapy, to alleviate symptoms of dryness, vaginal discomfort/pain, urgency and frequency of urination.

Medical review and treatment options for general gynaecological matters and conditions (eg. menstruation disorders, vaginal infections and conditions); inclusive of family planning, birth control and cervical cancer vaccination.

Surgical treatment of benign gynaecological conditions (eg. fibroids, ovarian cysts/masses, unwanted pregnancy, and so on) through open, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic (keyhole) surgical routes.

Annual Well-Woman Exams
Annual well-woman exams involve a medical history review, physical and pelvic exams, including breast and cervical cancer screenings. They also provide an opportunity to discuss contraception, menstrual health, and menopause management, and may include STI screenings.
Pain Management Clinic
Providing comprehensive care to women who may be experiencing various types of gynecological pain.
Pap Smears
Screening tests to detect abnormal cervical cells and early signs of cervical cancer.
Wellness and Preventive Health Education
Topics related to women's health, including nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Surgical options for gynecological conditions, such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.
Infertility Evaluation and Treatment
Assessment and treatments for couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving.
Personalized Treatment Plans
Taking into account the medical history, specific concerns, and individual circumstances.
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Pre-conception review, counselling and fertility review

Pre-conception services evaluate medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional support to help individuals and couples plan for a healthy pregnancy.

Routine pregnancy antenatal review

Antenatal reviews are regular check-ups during pregnancy, including exams, discussions, and tests for a safe, healthy pregnancy.

delivery packages (normal delivery, assisted delivery and caesarean section)

Childbirth options: normal (vaginal), assisted (forceps/vacuum for complications), and C-section (surgical), chosen based on health and safety.

Post-natal pelvic floor rehabilitation packages

Post-natal pelvic floor rehabilitation packages are also available, to reduce the possibility of post-natal urinary incontinence, or symptoms of prolapse due to weakened pelvic floor musculature.

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