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In terms of pregnancy-related and obstetric services, we offer:

Pre-conception review, counselling and fertility review. Routine pregnancy antenatal review, delivery packages (normal delivery, assisted delivery and caesarean section), and post-natal follow-up. Post-natal pelvic floor rehabilitation packages are also available, to reduce the possibility of post-natal urinary incontinence, or symptoms of prolapse due to weakened pelvic floor musculature.


In terms of gynaecological services, we offer:

Female Health Screening Packages, inclusive of PAP smears, radiological gynaecological and breast investigations, urinalysis, and etcetera; for comprehensive health review for women of all ages.

Menopause review and bio-identical hormonal therapy, bone conservation therapy; treatment of Urogenital Syndrome with topical hormonal therapy, to alleviate symptoms of dryness, vaginal discomfort/pain, urgency and frequency of urination.

Medical review and treatment options for general gynaecological matters and conditions (eg. menstruation disorders, vaginal infections and conditions); inclusive of family planning, birth control and cervical cancer vaccination.

Surgical treatment of benign gynaecological conditions (eg. fibroids, ovarian cysts/masses, unwanted pregnancy, and so on) through open, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic (keyhole) surgical routes.